Cub Scout Leader’s Resource Folder

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The Cub Scout Leaders Resource Folder is a Leader Resource. It accompanies the Cub Scout Leaders Handbook and provides Program ideas and Templates for use by the pack. In addition, it is a source of numerous Administrative Templates including Charts and Certificates. This Resource Folder is designed to fit in an A4 Folder.

The Folder is made up of the following Sections:

  • Program Ideas
  • Boomerang Challenge Ideas
  • Cub Scout Youth Leadership Course Worksheet Templates
  • ”My Adventure Into Cub Scouts” Activity Sheet Templates

Administration Templates include the following:

  • Cub Scout Register Sheet Template
  • Budget Sheet Templates
  • Programming Sheet Templates

Chart and Certificate Templates include the following:

  • Six Boomerang Record Chart Template
  • Six Achievement Badge Chart Template
  • Pack Boomerang Record Chart Templates
  • Cub Scout Leadership Course Certificate Template
  • Sixer Certificate Template
  • Second Certificate Template
  • Boomerang Certificate Templates
  • Achievement Badge Certificate Template