Plus 75g DryGel 80% DEET With Sunscreen

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Bushman ‘PLUS’
A versatile,  
universal and highly effective
range of insect repellents.
It is suitable for every member
of the family, and fine for
anyone with sensitive skin.
With unique time-release 
properties it continues to 
protect against insects when
other-brands resistance would
have faded.
Featuring sun screen makes
Bushman Plus the complete
solution for everyone.
Because of its sweat, water
and rub resistant it’s great for
exercise, warmer climates,
holidays and outdoor activities.
Additional information from manufacturer
Does it smell?
Absolutely not. DEET itself does, but Bushman is formulated so it has a pleasant,
neutral smell.
Does it work?
Yes, very well. We believe Bushman to be the best, please read independent
testimonials HERE.
Is it visible?
No, it’s quickly absorbed in the skin and there is no evidence you are wearing a
Is it suitable for children?
Anyone over 3 months old.
Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Is it expensive?
Bushman is a premium product. All of its ingredients are selected because they are
the best, and it is those ingredients that make it work so well.
There are certainly cheaper products from alternative brands on the market, some
even cost half as much as Bushman. We’re sure Bushman lasts twice as long as such
products, and works better for the entire time.
Is DEET dangerous?
No. DEET is considered to be the best repellent, but there are lots of myths and

isconceptions about it. Read more HERE.

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