Sac -5

The easy-care Sac -5 is designed for general use. It is well suited to three-season travel and camping.

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*Many One Planet sleeping bags are made to order in their Melbourne factory! – Orders of these bags may take 7-10 business days to arrive in store*



The easy-care Sac -5 is designed for general use. It is well suited to three-season travel and camping.

The Sac is not as simple as its name suggests. It features the latest in sleeping bag technology: Thermolink fill; lightweight, breathable Vapour Vent fabric; a comfortable, efficient, tapered rectangular shape and all the technical features you expect from a One Planet bag.

Tapered rectangular shape gives extra room and versatility.
Light, compact and durable Thermolink fill.
Uses strong, highly breathable 30-denier Vapour Vent for inner and outer fabric.
Three-dimensional hood and foot increase comfort and warmth.
The 3D neck muff and twin draft tubes on the zip keep warm air in.
Bi-directional zips allow you to vent your feet or zip the bag to others in the One Planet range.
Available in regular and large sizes.





Bag weight (g)
R: 1500
L: 1660

Fill type

Inner and outer fabric
30 denier Vapour Vent

Tapered rectangular

Foot type
3D taper

Temperature ratings, ºC
 1 comfort, -5 limit of comfort, -22 extreme

Season rating

Possible uses
 General use, 3 season travel and camping

 R: left, right
L: left

Sizes (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
 R: 187 x 160
L: 195 x 175


Stuff sack capacity (litres)
 R: 14
L: 16

Additional information from manufacturer

Thermolink fill

All One Planet synthetic bags use Thermolink, our new fabulous fill. This gives a massive 15 per cent increase in warmth when tested to the European standard, meaning we can make our bags 200-300 grams lighter. Thermolink is a bonded fibre, with the fibre blanket linked throughout its thickness. This makes it strong and eliminates the need for sewn-through stitching, as well as the accompanying heat loss.

The synthetic range is made in China due to manufacturing constraints in the Melbourne factory.


Vapour Vent (V2)

Vapour Vent (V2) is used as the inner in all One Planet sleeping bags and as the shell for most. This durable, tightly-woven fabric is ‘downproof by construction’: the weave is so tight down cannot escape through the cloth. Coatings are not required, so body vapour can vent through the fabric more effectively, reducing moisture build-up in the down and allowing it to loft to its full potential. We use three weights of the silky V2 fabric, differentiated by their denier. (The fineness of thread is measured in denier: the finer the thread, the lower the denier and the lighter, more silky and expensive the fabric.)

This 30 denier nylon makes a good, all-round shell. It is used as the inner and outer fabric on the Bungle and Robin Hoodless, while a non-downproof version of V2-30 is used in our synthetic range.

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