Walkabout 10km & 50km (Pkt 10)




The Walkabout Award Badge is earned for the total kilometres travelled under human power through a youth’s time in Scouting. The minimum distance to be counted toward the tally for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts is 1km while it is 5kms for all others.  Journeys taken in a canoe, kayak, skis or a bicycle are divided by 2 e.g. a 20 km bike hike earns 10 km to the Award.  Day and overnight journeys provided they are over the minimum distance for the section, may be included for the Award.  They may be worn above the pocket of the uniform below the World Badge.

The requirements for the badge can be started at the Joey Scout level and continue to be added through to the Rover Scout section.

  • Each youth member should commence and maintain their personal log which details the number of nights spent camping and distance covered in hiking/canoeing etc.
  • This is an ongoing tally that progresses through all sections.  When you link to the next section, you just keep adding the nights to your Log.  Your count can start from January 2015.
  • Approval for the badge is via the method of approval for other badges for the section e.g. Leader for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts or Troop, Unit and Crew Council.
  • When a new badge is earned, it replaces the previous badge. Only one badge is to be worn at a time. Once you have reached the highest number of nights (or kms) that there is a badge for, you keep wearing that badge.

Recipients should only wear the highest level they have achieved.


Note that the new designs of the walkabout award will be supplied as the old stock sells through. So you will receive a mix of new and old designs for a while. 

The new designs are larger badges and are $1.50 (or $1.32 each in packs of 10). The old smaller 2cmx2cm designs are $1.00 each. We will update prices as the old designs sell through and the new designs arrive into stock. 10km and 50km are currently the new designs.

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